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Chase the Ace Fundraiser



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Weekly Drawing/Playing Rules


This Aberdeen Amateur Hockey Association (AHA) will be facilitating a “Chase the Ace” fundraiser to support their Capital Improvement Plans.  


ª Purchase tickets for $5 per ticket, 5 tickets for $20, and 15 tickets for $50, 25 tickets for $75, and 40 tickets for $100. Purchas as many tickets as you like, there is no limit.

ª Advance Ticket Sales will be available at: Dakota Outdoors, C-Express Convenience Stores, and the Circus Sports Bar & Grill

ª Online Ticket Sales available at www.AberdeenHockey.com

ª In Person Ticket Sales will be available at the Odde Ice Center during select events

ª Advance Weekly Ticket sales will end at 12pm on the day of the weekly draw

ª Online and In Person Ticket Sales will end 8pm on the day of the weekly draw


ª Ticket sales will fund the weekly winner and remaining funds going into the progressive pot

ª AHA Official facilitates Weekly Drawing and shared via Facebook Live (when possible)

ª When the Ace of Spades is drawn, the event ends; triggering a new event to begin

ª First drawing will be held on Saturday, November 7th, with weekly drawings thereafter

ª Need NOT be present to win,  If your ticket is selected, we will attempt to contact you.  If unavailable,  AHA will select a random card on your behalf

ª Weekly winner receives 10% of the weekly sales; and a chance to pick the Ace of Spades; (Check to be mailed to winner)

ª Weekly winner selects 1 sealed envelope containing a single playing card.  (Non-winning cards will not be returned to the deck)

ª If you select the Ace of Spades, you will receive 50% of the progressive pot (Check to be mailed to winner)

Guaranteed Ace of Spades payout is $500

ª Participants must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible, Officers and Directors of AHA board are not permitted to participate

ª AHA reserves the right to add additional winning options at their sole discretion.



Please direct questions to: president@aberdeenhockey.com